Cut and Mill Technique


In these process, tool-controlled CNC machines are used for cutting materials using lasers, milling cutters, cutting tools and knives.

General Facts

Due to continously growing demands of clients, the methods of cutting, milling, laser and die cutting of materials have developed into a highly technological field of application with a wide range of uses. At the Weidling GmbH, various materials such as plastics, metals, composite and special materials are cut, milled, die cut and cut out by means of a laser beam, all of which is carried out on highly precise machinery. The guidance is partly controlled by a camera and enables therefore high precision.


A tool is usually needed to cut out parts from various materials. At the Weidling GmbH die cutting tools, knives, milling cutters or the laser beam are used, according to the respective method. Whereas during die cutting, cutting and milling the tool enters the material, in laser cutting, the material is cut without direct contact. According to the customer’s demands, the adequate method is chosen for each material, quantity and the given range of tolerances.


Particularly the cutting and milling with a cutting plotter, but also laser cutting are economical and flexible alternatives to the classical method of die cutting, due to the computer-aided data transfer. The production of small and medium quantities can be realised at short notice and in compliance with permanently reproductive tolerances. Because of the variety of methods offered at the Weidling GmbH, very difficult cutting boundaries (e.g. narrow slot holes) as well as numerous materials can be processed.


The range of semi-finished products, which are available for the processing as plates or sheets with different techniques, is almost unlimited. Depending on the material and the method, thicknesses of 50 μm up to several centimetres can be processed.

  • plastics
  • metal
  • acrylic glass
  • paper
  • card board
  • wood
  • textiles
  • leather
  • composite materials
  • foam rubber
  • insulating materials
  • heat-conducting film
  • acrylate adhesive
  • special materials


The processing of foil and panel material is a strongly diversified field of application. High-quality materials with special properties are cut in extactitudes of a few μm up to display panels in qm-formats. This leads to possibilities of application in nearly all service areas and sectors.