Mechanical Engineering

General Facts

The mechanical construction industry is one of the most strongly export-oriented sectors in Germany. Hence, it is tightly bond to the global trade cycle. One competitive advantage of German engineering consists in the high quantity of experienced suppliers from different sectors. For decades already, the Weidling GmbH has been a reliable partner in the supply chain of a number of engine and plant constructors. With an active participation in the consortium of the Supplying Industry Berlin-Brandenburg, the Weidling GmbH constantly seeks to stay in close contact to the enterprises in the sector.

Applications / Examples

As a result of the great variety of clients from the field of mechanical engineering, the possibilities of applications cover all service areas at the Weidling GmbH. Here, the screen printing technology represents a large part of the demand which mainly concerns marking of machines like front foils, printed front panels, type and specifications plates, as well as warning and information signs. But also for etching and laser procedures, articles for the shielding and isolation of compounds are needed.

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