General Facts

The automobile industry is the main pillar of German industry. As an outsourcing partner for a number of major subcontractors to the automotive industry, the Weidling GmbH is fully integrated in the supply chain. It is very familiar with just-in-time deliveries as well as the sectors' specified and high quality requirements. Although marking is often the last step of an integrated system chain, the Weidling GmbH, thanks to its high flexibility, manages to meet the clients' demands.

Applications / Examples

Particularly high requirements are imposed on the interieur of an automobile. Potential applications can be found in all working areas of the Weidling GmbH. However, laser marking, direct prints and decor foils are those in greatest demand. The Weidling GmbH produces different front foils and prints a great variety of keys and switches for well known German and European manufacturers. Another field with high potentials is the finishing of components bearing the name of the respective label. Particularly body holding springs, brake callipers and diverse blinds are printed in several colours with special two-component colours. But also exclusive design elements such as partly etched roll-over bars or printed wheel rims grade up the the automobile.

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