General Facts

Electronic compounds can be found in more and more products. In many sectors, the use of electronics is of fundamental significance. Here, demanding requirements are often imposed on the materials in use, resulting in the necessity for a complete indication of these. For this reason, the Weidling GmbH has looked into the EC directive 2002/95/EG at an early stage already and is thus able to affirm RoHS-conformity for almost all articles and materials in use.

Applications / Examples

Every electronic device, no matter if it is a measurement instrument or some other operator device, needs a marking for easy handling. In this context, the differentiation is usually made between front foils and directly printed front panels. However, the backside of the device is often neglected. What is needed here is primarily the marking with individual dates such as year of construction and serial number. Particularly for interiors, that is, for special componentry, the etching and cutting technology has proved an economic manufacturing method. Numerous thin sheet parts like shielding plates and springs, but also cut insulating and distance foils are manufactured for various firms.

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