General Facts

The worldwide demand for a consistent energy supply remains high. Due to the fact that machinery often has long running times of up to 50 years and is exposed to diverse climatic conditions, the requirements concerning its marking are extremely strict. Particularly, the long-life cycle and the high degree of individualisation demand perfectly aligned marking solutions. Frequently being the last product of a major project, the marking has to be flexibly aligned with the alterations in the customer's demand occurring during the manufacturing process, even though the delivery contracts between the end customer and his purchaser may be long. In this respect, the Weidling GmbH has proved its flexibility more than once during the last few years.

Applications / Examples

As a system supplier, the Weidling GmbH carries out the entire marking of plants for its clients. This includes, among others, type and specification plates, indicating discs, vane relays, etch-printed identification plates, anodising plates, laser labels, stickers, warning signs as well as prints on shaped objects.

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