Medical Technology

General Facts

The demographic change, mainly in Europe, North America and Japan, results in a constantly increasing demand for solutions in the field of medicine and health, requiring particularly innovative products. As a supplier for well-known, globally exporting firms, the Weidling GmbH has gathered a lot of experience with the demanding requirements of the field, e.g. with documentation in the sector of medical technology. In cooperation with its clients, the Weidling GmbH has developed special methods and procedures of testing, which are perfectly aligned with the printing material. In addition, Weidling GmbH is regularly audited by a customer in accordance with the current DIN EN ISO 13485, a quality standard for medical products.

Applications / Examples

The direct printing on medical objects with colour systems which are specifically aligned on the printing material, requires a high degree of process stability. Direct prints and front foils, for example for medical technological devices, tools or targeting device are made of high quality materials such as titanium, PEEK and special high-grade steel alloys. Further examples are etched grids, made from 50 μm strong high-grade steel, or safety laser foils used in order to assure the traceability.

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