Marketing & Design

General Facts

Many enterprises have recognised that an appropriate marketing mix contributes to the success of the firm. Part of this are personalised advertising media, so-called giveaways. The choice of products and traders is innumerable. Advertising media are frequently needed for certain events such as fairs and congresses, at a specific point in time. This is one of many aspects in which the Weidling GmbH as an economical and flexible supplier distinguishes itself from its competitors. Agencies have often approached us after other suppliers failed to meet the demands due to print-specific requirements or the delivery schedule which could not be fulfilled.

Applications / Examples

In the printing of advertising media, the methods used are primarily pad printing and screen printing. But also laser marking as well as UV digital print are increasingly employed. Besides the classical giveaway like ball-pens, lighters, rules, mugs and notepads, more and more high-value advertising media such as USB sticks, MP3 players, digital picture frames or mobile phones are printed. Moreover, individually manufactured advertising media can also be marked in many different ways at the Weidling GmbH. The possibilities of the cut and mill technique, particularly in the production of packaging in small series, represents another field of client-specific individualisations.

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