Subcontracting Industry

General Facts

The trend towards out-sourcing, which many big enterprises started in the 1980´s, has reached its peak at the beginning of the millenium. By now, a multitud of highly specialised suppliers has firmly established on the market. Many of them are still deeply rooted in their own region. In Berlin and Brandenburg for example, many medium-sized metal and plastic-processing firms have specialised on the production of articles and components for regional companies in the electronics or telecommunication sector, but also for enterprises in the field of transport (automobiles, trains, aircrafts, ships). In many supply chains, the Weidling GmbH is part of the process on all levels.

Applications / Examples

As a result of the intensive collaboration between suppliers, complex supply chains are possible. Over the recent years, the Weidling GmbH has been able to take on a leading role as a system supplier in several major projects, in cooperation with a strong network of partners.

This way for example, spline shafts demanded by a company from the energy sector, are first turned, then coated and finally finished in two colours. All these services are performed by companies from Brandenburg, so that the Weidling GmbH as the last trader, prints and delivers on-schedule the nearly-finished vane relays according to the client´s requirements. The end customer has the clear advantage that the entire planning and logistics are in the hands of the supplier.

A further example is the production of front panels for a major enterprise based in Berlin. Together with a plastic injection molding company and several surface-finishing manufacturers, the proper end product is chosen from a range of variants, manufactured and delivered in the correct quantity and on time, according to the delivery schedule.

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