The Weidling GmbH as an employer


Working for our company for many years not only makes us proud, it is also recognized. On their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and 40th anniversaries, our employees receive staggered bonuses in addition to personal thanks.

We offer training in three different professions:

  • Screen printing media technologist
  • Print media technologist – digital printing
  • Industrial clerk

We have received several awards from the IHK Berlin as one of the best training companies in Berlin and we bear the IHK seal for excellent training quality. In addition, we regularly have employees trained as trainers at the IHK Berlin and then take their trainer aptitude test, and we also support the IHK by providing examiners for the media technologist sector. We maintain close contact with the Ernst Litfass and Leopold Ullstein vocational schools.


We support emission-free travel to work and pay for a bicycle helmet every two years for employees who regularly cycle to work. High visibility vests can be requested free of charge at any time.

Birth of your own child
For this special event, our employees receive a credit on a personalized Pluxee Benefits Pass so that they can personally choose something suitable for their offspring. We also give our employees a day off work.

Books and other teaching materials
If books or other teaching materials are required for training or further education, we will purchase them free of charge.


Capital-forming benefits
We pay our employees an employer subsidy for capital-forming benefits after at least one year of full-time employment.

Weidling GmbH attaches great importance to certified and documented processes. Certifications have been in place for many years in the areas of quality, environment and medical technology. These structures benefit not only the company but also all employees.

In addition to personal protective equipment (PPE), our employees receive free work clothing depending on their area of work, such as safety shoes and outerwear.

In addition to face-to-face communication (daily operational meetings, strategic meetings, staff meetings with a view to the future), a wiki and blog have been set up internally so that all employees can find out about current issues in the company, regardless of department, position or presence.

Company car
A pool car is freely available for business trips. This can also be used for private trips after consultation.

Company events
We attach great importance to our employees being able to get together in a relaxed atmosphere, whether it’s at a barbecue in the summer months or at the annual Christmas party. Company outings and visits to trade fairs are also offered on a regular basis.

Company meetings
The exchange between management and employees is extremely important for good communication within the company. In addition to various regular meetings, scheduled company meetings are held twice a year.

Common rooms
In addition to a modern, fully equipped kitchen with comfortable seating for breaks, we also offer a smoking pavilion in the garden and two small coffee kitchens with retreat options.

Company run
For several years now, we have taken part in a company run in Berlin’s city center every summer. We are very proud of the fact that committed employees always take part and we support this by paying the entry fees and catering and also providing the running shirts.

Company ticket
Weidling GmbH has concluded a contract with S-Bahn Berlin and can therefore offer all employees a discounted and subsidized company ticket on request. This is currently possible in addition to the Deutschlandticket.


Death in the family
In the event of a death in the immediate family (1st degree), we would like to support our employees with a day off.

The German Nutrition Society recommends drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day. To this end, Weidling GmbH provides all employees with a free water dispenser (chilled/sparkling/warm) and a fully automatic coffee machine with matching bottles. In this way, we also support the consumption of unsweetened drinks.

Driver safety training
On request, we organize driver safety training for our employees who regularly drive for the company via the services of the employers’ liability insurance association or the ADAC.

Every year, we support the Elisabethstift or another charitable institution with a monetary donation. With a children’s home, several children’s homes, the Elisabethstift school, two kindergartens and a family farm, the Elisabethstift makes an extraordinary contribution to the care and education of children. We also sporadically support various sports clubs with donations in kind (jerseys, etc.).


Environmental protection
Environmental protection is an integral part of the corporate goals of Weidling GmbH. With various measures such as the installation of a photovoltaic system, conversion to LED lighting, waste separation and the use of glass bottles (plastic bottle-free company), we try to actively participate in environmental protection in the best possible way.

Equal opportunities
As an employer, Weidling GmbH has signed up to the “Winning Equality Initiative” and is therefore committed to the values stated therein.

Anyone who passes an external further training examination has shown a great deal of initiative and hard work. We reward this achievement with a credit on a personalized Pluxee Benefits Pass.


Family-friendly vacation arrangements
During the Berlin and Brandenburg school vacations, employees with school-age children are given priority, provided they submit their vacation plans by the agreed deadline. The same applies to parents with children in daycare centers with fixed closing times. These must be communicated to the employer in advance as soon as they are known.

First aid course
All employees are offered the opportunity to take part in an in-house first aid course free of charge during working hours.

All employees can use a subscription subsidized by the company through the provider Urban Sports Club.

Further education and training
Our employees should always be up to date with the latest knowledge. In addition, new areas of responsibility also require new knowledge. We therefore support our employees with needs-based training and further education.


Girls Day
We open our company every year for Girls Day and show schoolgirls from the 5th grade onwards the professional fields and training opportunities at our company. This day is usually planned and carried out by our trainees.


Healthy nutrition
Every week, we provide our employees with fresh fruit and vegetables free of charge in the break rooms. In addition, we regularly enable our employees to cook together, for which we provide the ingredients.

Health promotion
As part of our company health management program, we offer our employees seminars and health courses. We work closely with various health insurance companies, with whose help we offer health days and health-promoting programs in the company.


Ideas management
We reward good ideas from our employees that we implement and special commitment with a credit on a personalized Pluxee Benefits Pass.

In addition to the statutory accident insurance of the employers’ liability insurance association, Weidling GmbH has taken out various insurance policies, including business interruption and public and product liability insurance, so that the continued existence of the company is ensured even in the event of most unforeseen events.

Weidling GmbH is increasingly committed to the integration of people with disabilities. External services are preferably awarded to integration companies and we also cooperate with workshops. Employees with disabilities are given special support in their daily work. Our employees regularly take part in the shift change action day.

Interest-free loans
In the event of financial difficulties, our employees receive interest-free loans or loans with the lowest possible interest rates up to a certain amount, where permitted by law.


Parental leave
We support and encourage our male employees to take parental leave for their children.

A free parking lot is available to all employees on the company premises.

Part-time work during parental leave
Depending on the distribution of parental leave, you can work part-time until the child reaches the age of 8. However, the statutory application deadlines must be observed.

Payroll accounting
In cooperation with our tax and payroll office, each employee receives individual access to the DATEV Employee Online cloud service so that they can download and archive their pay slips themselves.

We look forward to every new addition to our workforce. We therefore support our pregnant employees with their individual plans and discuss a possible family-friendly return to work after parental leave at an early stage.

Preventive medical check-ups
Our company doctor visits us at least once a year to answer general health questions and give our employees flu vaccinations. If required, the company doctor also carries out preventive medical check-ups.

Prevention courses
If interested, we organize a prevention course with 10 course units once a year with a registered prevention course instructor, which is subsidized by us and the relevant health insurance companies so that our employees do not incur any costs.


Relatives in need of care
If a relative of an employee requires care, we will be happy to help you find a suitable care service. In addition, employees are legally entitled to leave of absence or a reduction in working hours for up to 6 months to care for a close relative at home. During this time, there is no continued payment of wages or social security contributions.

Every company is obliged to train and appoint various representatives. This has been a high priority at Weidling GmbH for many years and is particularly encouraged and rewarded. Employees are also welcome to apply for appointments on their own initiative.

Retirement provision
We offer all employees the opportunity to take out a company pension plan through our contractual partner Generali Versicherung (company contract), which is financed from the monthly gross salary and thus tax-privileged. In addition, the employer pays a subsidy to support private provision. Information events are held at regular intervals on request.


After registering via the corporate benefits portal, all employees can choose from various discounts with online providers.

Our changing rooms in the production area have showers for free use.

Special events
Special events such as your own wedding, the birth of your own child and moving to a new home are rewarded with one day off (paid special leave in the same calendar year) per calendar year.

Special leave
For various private events (listed separately under the respective initial letters), we grant our employees one day of paid special leave on request.

Spectacle allowance
The health of our employees is important to us. That’s why we subsidize vision aids needed for work every 3 years with a credit on a personalized Benefits Pass from Pluxee.

Staff appraisals
In order to be able to assess and support the personal development opportunities and ideas of our employees, we conduct a personnel development meeting as required. Employees can register for this themselves in the training catalog.

Study day
To prepare for final examinations, our employees who are undergoing training or further education are granted one study day per calendar year.


All employees who are in regular contact with customers are provided with a cell phone and a headset for working freely on a PC/laptop.

Travel expenses
If we arrange business trips, we will of course cover travel and accommodation costs as well as additional meal expenses.


All employees have individual password-protected access to the company’s internal vacation planner and can therefore apply for and check their vacation at any time and from anywhere.

Vacation days
The statutory vacation entitlement for all employees is 20 days. Depending on length of service, this increases to up to 30 days per year.

Vacation pay
We grant our employees vacation pay amounting to 50% of their gross remuneration for each day of vacation taken.

As a small gift for their own wedding, our employees receive a credit on a personalized Pluxee Benefits Pass for this special occasion. We also give our employees a day off work.

Working from home (home office/mobile working)
For certain types of work, we allow our employees to work from home in individual cases after submitting an application and equip employees who regularly work from home with the appropriate hardware.

Workplace design
As a rule, most employees spend the majority of their working time at the same workplace. For this reason, workplaces are regularly examined and evaluated (risk assessment) and suggestions for improvement are implemented in the best possible way.

Before claiming any of the social benefits, the detailed terms and conditions must be agreed with the Human Resources Department.