The Weidling GmbH as an employer


Long-term cooperation in our company not only makes us proud, it is also appreciated. For the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and 40th anniversary of service, our employees receive a credit balance on a personalized Benefits Pass from Sodexo.


Birth of your own child
For this special event, our employees receive credit on a personalized Benefits Pass from Sodexo so they can personally select something suitable for their offspring. In addition, we release our employees from work for one day.

Books and other teaching aids
If books or other teaching aids are required for training or further education, we will provide them free of charge.


Capital accumulation benefits
After at least one year of full-time employment, we pay our employees an employer’s contribution for capital-related benefits.

At least once a year our company doctor visits us, who answers general health questions as well as carries out the flu vaccination for our employees. If necessary, the company doctor also carries out check-ups.

Company car
Employees who regularly travel for our company receive a company car. For other business trips a pool car is available.

Company run
For several years, we have been participating in a company run in the center of Berlin in the summer. We are very proud of the fact that committed employees are always on the starting line here.

Continuing and further education
Our employees should always be up to date with the latest information. In addition, new responsibilities will require new skills. Therefore, we support our employees with needs-based further education and training.

Corporate events
We attach great importance to our employees being able to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, whether it is the annual barbecue in summer or the annual Christmas party. But also company outings are offered regularly.


Dependent relatives
If a member of an employee needs care, we are happy to help in finding a suitable nursing service. In addition, employees have a statutory right to be released or reduced by up to 6 months to care for a close relative in a home environment. There will be no continuation of pay and social security contributions during this period.

Death in the family
In the case of a death in the immediate family (1st degree), we would like to support our employees with a day off.

Every year we support the Elisabethstift or another charitable institution with a donation. The Elisabethstift makes an extraordinary contribution to the care and education of children with a children’s home, several parental homes, the Elisabethstift School, two kindergartens and a family farm.

Driver safety training
If necessary, we organize driver safety training for our employees via the relevant professional association.


We train in three different training occupations: media technologist / technologist screen printing, media technologist / printing technology – digital printing and industrial clerk / commercial clerk. In 2015, we were honored by the IHK Berlin as one of the best training companies in Berlin and we bear the IHK seal of approval for excellent training quality.

Those who pass a further education examination have shown a lot of initiative and diligence. We reward this achievement with a credit on a personalized Benefits Pass from Sodexo.


Family friendly holiday arrangement
During school holidays in Berlin, employees with school-age children are given preferential treatment, provided that they submit their vacation plans by the agreed deadline.


Girls Day
Each year we open our company for the “Girls Day” and show 5th grade¬†pupils the occupational fields and training opportunities of our company.

Glasses grant
The health of our employees is very important to us. Therefore, we subsidize every three years visual aids that are needed for the work.


Healthy eating
Every week we provide fresh fruit and vegetables in the break rooms for our employees free of charge. In addition, we regularly allow our employees to cook together, for which we provide the ingredients and release up to 2 employees from work.

Health promotion
Within our internal health management we offer our employees seminars and health courses.

Holiday pay
We grant our employees holiday pay per vacation taken.

The statutory vacation entitlement is 20 days for all employees. Depending on seniority, this increases to up to 30 days per year.

For administrative work, we enable our employees to work on a case-by-case basis when, for example, your own child is ill and has to stay home.


Idea Management
We reward good ideas from our employees, who implement them, and special dedication with a credit balance on a personalized Benefits Pass from Sodexo.

Interest-free loans
In case of financial difficulties, our employees receive interest-free loans.


In addition to a modern kitchen with comfortable seating for the break, we also offer a smoker’s pavilion in the garden and two small coffee kitchens with retreat options.


Three times a year, we offer our employees the opportunity to be professionally massaged outside the working hours in the company. The costs for up to 30 minutes are subsidized by us.


Parental leave
We support and encourage our employees takeing parental leave for their offspring.

Part time during parental leave
Depending on the distribution of the parental leave, you can work part time until the child is 8 years old. However, the legally prescribed application deadlines must be adhered to.

Personal development discussions
In order to be able to assess and support the personal development opportunities and ideas of our employees, we hold a personnel development discussion every two years.

We look forward to every new generation of our employees. Therefore, we support our pregnant employees with their individual plans and speak at an early stage about a possible family-friendly re-entry after parental leave.

Prevention courses
Once a year we organize a prevention course with 10 course units with a registered prevention trainer, which is subsidized by us and the responsible health insurance companies, so that our employees do not incur any costs.


We offer all employees the opportunity to take out company pension plans through our contractual partner (company contract), which is funded by the monthly gross salary and thus tax-deductible.


Our dressing rooms in the production area have showers.

Special events
Special events such as one’s own wedding, the birth of one’s own child and the move to a new home are rewarded with one free day each calendar year.

Study Day
To prepare for final examinations, our employees undergoing training or further training receive a study day.


Traveling expenses
If business trips are arranged by us, we of course take on the travel and accommodation costs as well as the additional meals.

As a little extra attention to their own wedding, our employees receive credit on a personalized Benefits Pass from Sodexo for the special occasion. In addition, we release our employees from work for one day.

Our production staff receive free work clothes depending on the application, such as Safety shoes and outerwear.


Before claiming any of the social benefits, the detailed terms and conditions must be agreed with the Human Resources Department.